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10 best uses for a Pikkler triangle

10 best uses for a Pikkler triangle

“What on earth is that?” we hear you shout. Great looking, get us one, but what is it?!

Nearly 100 years ago, a Hungarian Pediatrician, Emmi Pikler, developed a new theory on child development, based on allowing the child to move freely and develop at his or her own pace.

It gives boys and girls the opportunity to learn how their bodies can move (and climb) and so the Pikler Triangle was created. It can be used from birth and enjoyed until children are 4 or 5.

A climbing triangle looks lovely indoors or out, is a beacon of sustainable craftsmanship and is so much more than just a wooden climbing frame. It’s a great present for boys and girls and enhances any nursery.

Our 10 best ways to use the climbing triangle

1) A climbing frame and slide
2) A crawl tunnel
3) A drying rack for clothes
4) A play bar for baby accessories
5) A tent
6) A car racing track
7) A step ladder for high shelves
8) A Xylophone
9) A teddy bear’s catwalk
10) A back rest for reading

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