5 Best Wooden Toys for indoors and out

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5 Best Wooden Toys: played with indoors and out

The weather.  It’s a favourite topic for all us Brits, I talk about the weather endlessly – in the old days with everyone from the check out lady to the lollipop man.    Last week it was horrible, next week is beautiful. So we have been on a hunt for our most versatile games, games that are as fun inside and out.   

The great outdoors is going to look different for everyone right now, from patios to forests, from moors to backyards.    Just being outside is saving our sanity, we are enjoying our nuclear family outings and have been playing games to keep exercising and stay friends!

Here are our favourite games that can be played in the sitting room, on a balcony, in a garden – we don’t need space, just fun!

Wooden Balance Board

This stylish design encourages creative play in children and exercise for teens and adults.  Only parents ever ask, what do I do with it? Children will balance, kneel, or lie on the wooden balance board. They'll turn it into a slide, a bridge, or a pirate ship!  Waldorf-inspired, this heirloom toy has multiple uses and will be used for years. 

Adults, get on board, it is the most fun exercise you have had in years.  Inside, outside, just brilliant.


Wooden Balance Board, Eco Friendly Wooden Toys for Kids - PomPom

Climbing Triangle, UK Made

After our home, this is easily the best investment our family ever made. From 6 months of age, the climbing triangle UK can be used indoors or out, and will be loved until the child is 4 or 5. Based on a design and theory by paediatrician, Dr. Emmi Pikler, the Pikler triangle UK allows a child to move freely and develop at his or her own pace.  When left unassisted, although carefully supervised, a child will rarely climb beyond their own limits but will test their physical abilities over and over again.

Collapsible and beautifully made, it is a fabulous addition to any home. Ours folded beautifully behind the sofa in our 2 bed flat.

However, you think it’s just a triangle? Wrong! It is so much more! Read our 10 Best Uses For A Pikler Triangle.


Pikler Triangle UK, Climbing Triangle UK

Tumbling Tower.

Remember Jenga? Remember it and then blow it out of the water!  This giant wooden toy keeps the whole family entertained for hours.  It can be played in the sitting room or outdoors.  We have watched kids turn them into wooden building blocks and create whole cities with it, fortresses and towers.  We have seen adults as old as 75 competitively inching blocks out to beat their grandchildren – in the good old days, there was always a winner and a loser.

Eco Friendly Wooden Toys for Kids - PomPom

Giant Pick Up Sticks

OK, do these take you back some years?  I loved pick up sticks, I have the patience of a bull elephant but my competitive nature had me sitting on my hands itching for my next go!   These fabulous giant pick up sticks are hours of family fun, in the garden, on a balcony, in the sitting room.  They are and can be played alone or together.

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and then there are toys that should only be played with outside, a wooden boomerang for example!