21 Truly Fun Activities for Kids at Home

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21 Truly Fun Activities for Kids at Home

Exactly a month ago, I went into a two-week quarantine with my kids aged 3 and 1.  The prospect of it blew my mind, as I am not naturally into arts and crafts, I never use Instagram for “mama inspiration” and I wasn’t sure how we would get on!

However you, our PomPom readers, came to my rescue!  I did a shout out for easy ways to keep kids entertained at home and the ideas came flooding back.

In the natural cycle of kiddy karma, it seems right to share these 21 ways to keep kids entertained at home.  I have ranked these ideas into:

  • “Blindingly Easy Ideas: even-Cecily-can-do-it”
  • “A Touch Harder: more-Katherine’s-style”
  • “Get an Instagram Account cos you are a model parent!”

Let us know if we have inspired you or indeed send us your best boredom buster ideas to keep kids busy.  This is a growing list, and I will keep adding to it!  We are delighted to credit and link to you too!

                                       Fun Activities for Kids at Home

Blindingly Easy Ideas For Kids at Home

1)  Switch the lights off. Save the planet, amp up the fun!  I love this idea from Josie and Albie who play with the dolls’ house by torch light and the fun continues into bath time.  I introduced candles at tea time … it hides the table manners!

2) Rave. Same vibe, lights off, torches on, pump up the music. Poppy writes, “dance like your kids aren’t judging.” Can also play musical statues.

3) Take the train track through the house – see how far it can go in a straight line. Yes Alice! We set up an obstacle course for ours, under the kitchen table and behind the sofa.

4) Tea in the Bath. Hannah, this blew my mind! I was SO resistant to it but it was such a fun bath idea, quiche crumbs down the plughole. The following night, Laurie voted for tea with water in the bath … soggy floating sandwich, not to be repeated.

5) Wash Lego. Naturally yours will be BioBuddi sugar cane Lego …. But this is Katherine’s top tip, warm soapy water, kitchen/bathroom floor, go for broke. Hopefully this could also double up as their bath.

6) Sock Fight. My go to. Balled up socks, lob them at each other. No one gets hurt, its huge fun. Hide behind doors, shield with a pillow.

7) Go Camping. Create a tent under the laundry rack or in the sitting room. Rugs, cushions, books, torches. A small umbrella will block light gaps. Thank you Elie!

8) Potato Drop. Each put a potato between your knees, race to drop in a bucket. Potatoes are also very good for “boules” – a touch bumpy but it works.

9) Bowling Alley. Stack bamboo (plastic eeek) cups in a pyramid and bowl balls, potatoes, playdough at it

10) Cinema Club. Uh oh, did someone say screen time?! Close the curtains, grab the rugs, throw the cushions on the floor, make popcorn, kick back.

                            Kids fun at home, egg and spoon race

                            Image courtesy of My Best Nanny

A Touch Harder

11) Egg and Spoon Races. I have to admit, even I have done this! If you are feeling Insta-Mom, you could also do 3 legged races, grandmother footsteps, musical bumps, wheelbarrow races, sack races in pillow cases.

12) Form a band. Rubber bands on a box for a guitar, beans in a re-usable coffee cup, pots and pans for the drum kit. Turn up the beats and let’s go. Lucy and Teddy are rocking it out in Manchester!

13) Potions. Open the cupboards to the whims of the under 8’s and let the creations begin. Another bold move from Alice. I remember making my younger sister drink concentrated Ribena and raw egg yolk … so keep a beady eye!

14) Playdough. Leslie says, get over mixing colours, just let it go.

15) Create an obstacle course. Get competitive and time it. Yes, Jess!

16) Make up. I’m not using it at the moment … but my 3 year old son had a blast with it! He was into my shoes but not a catwalk. Others might be up for a fashion show.  

                          Gingerbread Men Baking with Kids

Get an Instagram Account, you model parent!

17) Gingerbread Men. Make and decorate with raisins, nuts, cereal. My husband used this recipe with natural sugar.  If he can do it …

18) Build a ‘bug hotel’- take a tray or Tupperware and fill with mud. Decorate it with sticks, stones and leaves and maybe put in a ‘pond’ (little pot filled with water). Hunt for worms and bugs to come to their hotel.  Could be also be a fairy garden. Again, Alice you star!

19) Colourful Scavenger Hunt. Choose 3 colours and all find objects of that colour (Lego, Wooden Toys, Cups). You hide the objects. Kids have to find the objects and return to the “colour” base. Stopwatch at the ready. Crikey, Stephanie, you are good!

20) Make pasta jewelry. Paint and thread with string. I suppose if you used food colouring you could eat it after! You go Isla.

21) DIY Bath Paints or if you don’t want to make them, buy our bath crayons

                                   Bath Crayons Kids Fun at Home

My Best PomPom Toys for Quarantine

  • Balancing Polar Circle. We balanced, we went to the Arctic – the wooden toys spent some time amongst ice cubes, the penguins came to tea at the Dolls House.
  • Indoor Climbing Triangle. Need I say more?  Climb, jump, slide, dens, pirate ship, catwalk, dreamy.
  • BioGlitter. We crafted, painted faces, the dolls got a makeover, the hoover got a workout. Eco glitter is where it is at these days!
  • Wooden Marble Run. Lethal with the baby around but the toddler loves it.
  • Crayon Rocks. Love these, perfect for little hands, vibrant colour, we drew A LOT