PlasticFree Christmas Gifts : Captain BobCat BioBuddi Review

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BioBuddi Review - PomPom

First Published on Captain Bobcat Blog by Eva Katona. 

Plastic Free Christmas Gifts From PomPom – BioBUDDI Review (Gifted)

My children love Lego and Duplo, but at the moment they both prefer Duplo, still. Bobcat’s fine motor skills are not up to his age just yet – but we’re working on it. Building toys are one of the best to get him engage and interested in the activity of building and making things. He has no problem with his imagination, but he’s pretty uninterested when it comes to arts and crafts. So we build a lot, with a lot of encouragement, to get those little fingers stronger. So as I said Duplo is fantastic for this, Lego is still too small for him to handle. Building with blocks are generally great to promote hand-eye coordination, perseverance and motor, spatial and cognitive skills.  


Captain Bobcat Review

We have just received a BioBUDDI Police Station Set from PomPom. Of course, when the toy is something vehicle related it’s even better for him. He’s also fascinated with the work of the police (good guys, bad guys, doing the right thing – as he’s autistic, he likes things that way. Black or white. Good or bad.) So when he spotted the box, he was already very excited.

Bobcat enjoyed building the vehicles mostly on his own but it’s a very social building game too as there are characters to added (police staff, police doggy and a robber) to create a role play with the toy once the vehicles are built. He enjoyed playing together and using his imagination to build a story. I enjoyed it too!

About BioBUDDI

It looks like Lego, it builds like Lego, it lasts like Lego, it’s compatible with your existing Duplo but BiOBUDDi blocks are made from sugar cane.  Totally plastic free, including all the packaging.

The play set police station consists of 41 different parts, made from remains of the sugar cane plant. The blocks are environmentally friendly, recyclable, sustainable and also interchangeable with other brands. The packaging is designed so that it forms part of the product. It is made of FSC cardboard and with a simple “”push”” you can easily take out different cards and put them in the enclosed card holders for even more playing fun.

About PomPom

PomPom is an online boutique of imaginative and well-designed plastic free products that children will love, play with and use, again and again. They source products from around the world with care and love. PomPom is a purpose-led business, based in the UK. In the shop you can find toys for babies and children, everyday items for the little people and bits of cute, plastic free interior and small furniture too.

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