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Lift the Flap Questions & Answers about Plastic

Overview: Why is there so much plastic in the world? How does it help us? What's the problem and how can we solve it? These are just some of the 60+ questions answered in this timely and topical book. The facts are presented in a friendly and quirky way, helping children to understand this global predicament and inspiring them to be part of the solution.

I don’t know about you but I feel we are constantly bombarded by information when it comes to plastic. What is plastic actually made from? How is it made? How do you recycle it? How can you make changes at home to reduce it? My three year old has started chatting about plastic and even wants to discuss my recycling habits. My godson, aged 5, announced the other day, that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish. Scary! So many children seem to be fully engaged with the debate on plastic which makes this book all the more appropriate for them.

The genius publisher that is Usborne, has created a book that is totally fascinating. The ‘lift the flap’ design is capturing. It serves as a way of keeping the reader really engaged, with that air of excitement as to what the answer might be under each of the flaps. I mean, who knew the answer to ‘how many plastic bottles are bought each minute’? It’s one million! (In the U.S.A. alone, over 50 billion plastic bottles of water are bought each year) It also gets us all thinking about every day objects in the house – how many things in your room are made from plastic? Scarily more than you first think. We ended up discussing how funny it was that a plastic bottle could be made from algae or mushrooms and that potentially one day, you might be able to eat it once you have used it.  

Personally, I love nothing more than learning as I read a book to my children. It’s at that point in the day when we settle down for a book before bed, that I am flagging and to be inspired by a book is a real joy. I genuinely learnt things that I did not know. I am hoping that I will now be able to action some of the pointers on how we can actually make a difference. We all know that plastic pollution and global warming are huge issues facing the world today.

The book is divided into super clear sections – What? How? Why? Yes or No? Where? When? Who? Which? And most importantly ends on ideas on how we can make a difference. Don’t worry – it is nothing too radical. It’s realistic and practical, which I love.

The lift the flap concept works brilliantly and kept even the youngest reader keen to turn the pages (although perhaps she may need to wait a few years before she is actioning some of the ideas!) The infographics are cleverly designed and the illustrations both informative and at many points really rather funny too!

This book offers a simple introduction to these issues and answers children’s questions in a clear and balanced way. It can be a heavy subject but with the expertise of Jo Ruxton from Plastic Oceans UK, this book delivers the facts in an informative, fun and accessible way. Whether you are a 5 year old or a tired Mummy, grab one and embrace it as you certainly won’t regret it!  


Publication date:    9th January 2020

Author:                     Katie Daynes

Illustrator:                Marie-Eve Tremblay

UK Price:                  £9.99

Format:                     Cased Board

Age:                           5+