Eco Friendly Bath Time Tips

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For many young families, bath time is an institution - it’s the final hurdle before bedtime and peace.  

Sophie Kinsella nailed it in one of her most amusing passages (Yes, you may judge the choice of reading material, I was breastfeeding at the time, its a valid excuse!):

 “The general perception is that if bath time goes, everything goes.  Chaos descends. Civilisation disintegrates. Children are found wandering the street in tatters, gnawing on animal bones while their parents rock and whimper in alleyways.” Surprise Me. A Novel.

So, parents, grandparents, godparents if you are going to insist on that bath, make sure the environment loves it, you love it and the kids love it! 

Plan Toys Sailing Boat

How shallow are you?

Spoiler alert parents… you don’t have bathe your children every. single. night! 

A little dirt builds the immune system or so I tell myself when the eldest refused to get in. 

A shallow bath uses the same amount of water as a 5 minute power shower.  Ideally, all children would share the water and throw in an adult too, or … use it later.  Be at peace with your bath choice.

Eco-friendly bath toys

Have you noticed your plastic toys go slimy in the bath or get mould, growing bacteria and fungi ... yep, it's fairly grim.   When these toys can no longer be cleaned, they get thrown out and go land fill, as few can be recycled.  

Be sure to choose less and choose wisely, there are many wooden toys for kids that can go in the bath or indeed, choose hermetically sealed baby bath toys. 

So go and get those eco-friendly rubber ducks in a row.    

Rubber Duck, Safe baby bath toys, £5.99

Kids Bath Crayons, never heard of them? Quick! £19.99

No More Tears : Plastic Free Shampoo

Calling all babies, children, adults.  Shampoo bars work.  I swear. Ditch the chemicals and the plastic bottles. Try, just once. It’s cheaper than your lunch and lasts longer!  Gentle Shampoo Bar, £8

Nightie, nightie, pyjama, pyjama.

We adore these award winning, design led, organic & ethical pyjamas created by mother and designer, Alienor Falconer.   They are soft, cosy and adorable.  Tried and tested. Muslin Button Down Pyjamas, The Bright Company, £39. 

Oh bamboo, we love you.

Each year we throw away 260 million plastic toothbrushes in the UK, none can can be recycled.  Choose a sustainable toothbrush and the pandas also stay safe! Kids Bamboo Toothbrush, £12.99 (for 3) 

Get yer teeth into it!

Step away from the plastic tubes of toothpaste and embrace plastic free toothpaste options for your whole family.   Fluoride vs no Fluoride is your call.

Georganics.  Fluoride free. Recyclable glass jar, aluminium lid and compostable box.  Kids are supposed to love the orange, ours preferred mint, £6.90

Dentabs.  W/Out Fluoride.  Can be quite spicy!  Tastes like toothpaste and comes in compostable corn starch bag. Smart. Chew and brush, from age 6+ from £2.50 

These small changes in your routine have a huge impact. Simple steps, simple swaps.  Have anymore tips for an eco-friendly bath routine? We would love to hear them in the comments.