10 Silver Linings of January

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10 Silver Linings of January

One of my favourite columns in The Week is “It’s not ALL bad,” it cheers me up immensely.  As we look towards the end of a freezing January, I am keen to keep the New Year’s cheer going.  Forgive the Pollyanna optimism but I believe this is going to be a good year, professionally, personally and I hope to keep doing my tiny bit, globally. 

There are new species to be celebrated, new books to read and series to watch, if January is a reflection of the rest of the year, I am ready for it!

End of Dry January, PomPom Plastic Free Toys

The end of dry January. My dry January came to a near close on the 4th January with the introduction of drier January and had officially ended for me, by the 10th 


Colum Mcann - PomPom Eco Friendly Toys for Kids

Apeirogon, Collum MacCann – I am half way through this extraordinary and original novel about the Middle East. 

To borrow the words from my mother, who also loved it, this is an extraordinary book about the peace movement in Israel and Palestine engendered by mutual misery of a child's death. 

it is an outstanding novel about real events and people. Brilliant and painful and tough and loving. 

Be encouraged by this book about the possibility of substantive change. 


Wild Bison to Kent - PomPom, plastic free toys

Wild Bison Return to Kent 

In a few months’ time, the first wild bison will return to the U.K.s ancient Kent Woodland.  Blean Woods near Canterbury, will be the home of these woolly beasts, their arrival championed by ranger Donovan Wright. 

The area hasn't seen bison roaming the wild for an estimated 6,000 years. 

Wright looks to the bison as "eco-engineers" with a "jet fuel for biodiversity."

The large land animal can naturally fell trees by rubbing up against them and feeding off the bark. They can open up a canopy within the pine forest and allow light to penetrate through to the floor — which can bring life back to the ecosystem.

Rewilding has become a major environmental story for the UK, as new species are being introduced across the country, and as always in Britain, to mixed and noisy debate.  You should hear the fishermen on the subject of beavers, although I am told that the black market for baby beavers for rewilding projects has gone through the roof ..!  

However, from the Northern Pool Frog that arrived last year in Norfolk to the dwarf pansy in the Scilly Isles, I’m down with it. 

F Entrepreneur Award, Cecily Henderson 


Katherine and I have been awarded the F-Entreprenueur Award, which recognises 100 inspiring female business leaders across the U.K.

We are delighted and honoured to accept this award, in recognition of our work at PomPom. 

It is a campaign to highlight, celebrate and promote inspiring female entrepreneurs and demonstrate that women are paving a new path for what entrepreneurship means.

Ted lasso Family TV - PomPom, wooden toys for kids

Ted Lasso.  I have flown through the Emmy-winning series. A funny, charming story of an endlessly enthusiastic American coach taking on a failing British football team.   

It’s a trans-Atlantic hit, with a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, while the Guardian calls it, ‘the most joyous show on TV.’  Overcoming adversity through sport is one of my favourite themes for any show, just to name but a few family classics, remember the days of, “Any Given Sunday” or “Cool Runnings” or “Mighty Ducks.”  

Rid yourself of the January blues, get a month’s free subscription of Apple TV and laugh out loud at this clever, well written sitcom.


Tahiti Pristine Reef - PomPom, eco friendly wooden toys for kids

The demise of our coral reefs have been endlessly documented, we watched with horror at David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II, episode one at the bleaching of the coral reefs.  We are all clear that the damage to the coral will have a devastating environmental imapact.

And yet, in January 2022, a huge coral reef has been discovered off the coast of Tahiti.

Stretching along the ocean floor for nearly 2 miles, the reef, covered in rose-shaped corals, is one of the largest such discoveries at depths of more than 30 metres, where sunlight levels are much lower.

There was no sign of bleaching that other corals have experienced.

It was magical to witness giant, beautiful rose corals which stretch for as far as the eye can see,” said Alexis Rosenfeld, a French underwater photographer who was part of the team of international divers that made the discovery. “It was like a work of art.”


Grandma Bird - Benji Davies, Books for Kids

Claude Henderson’s 2nd birthday!  My youngest son turned two and with it, he was generously given some brilliant kids’ books we don’t yet have, and have had a blast over the last few weeks.

“Grandma” by Benji Davies, the sequel to “The Storm Whale,” about the quirks and grandparental love.

The Ultimate Construction Book – 60 lift the flaps!  Claude is a little young, the 4 year is having a wonderful time.   A fabulous series with cities, the earth, ponies –everyone loves Lift the Flap Books.  

Veganuary 2022

Veganuary.  The practise of going vegan in January. 

I am no Vegan but I am impressed and celebratory of the rise of Veganuary – over 2 million people have joined this movement.   What was a fringe effort has become mainstream, with celebrities, cook books and Joe Bloggs showing that this fad is one to stay.

It is unarguable that reducing meat and fish consumption has dramatic impact on the environment, as our reliance on farming and over 2 million people in the UK have signed up to his movement. 

Thailand Bamboo Tarantula  

A Thai YouTube influencer has discovered a new species of tarantula.  With millions of watchers, JoCho Sippawat, was the first to discover a new species of tarantula that exclusively live in Thailand's bamboo stalks. 

The new tarantula species was named Taksinus in honor of the Thai king Taksin the Great.

It's the only known spider to have a 'bamboo-based ecology" and a habitat in Northern Thailand. Their nests inside the bamboo trees "feature a silk-lined tubular burrow, either in the branch stub or in the middle of the bamboo culms."

Incy wincy spider move over, there is a new arachnid in town!

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