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Lanco Ducks - PomPom

Meet the Makers: Lanco Toys

Rubber Ducks and Baby Teethers 

Lanco create a variety of fun and imaginative eco-friendly toys.  From the ultimate eco-friendly bath toy in their rubber duck collection to top teething toys for Babies, Lanco have the answer.

An eco friendly rubber duck cheers up any plastic free bath time

A colourful rubber teether is kind and safe relief for a teething baby, safe, fun and toxic free. This is the best teether for babies as its environmentally friendly, made from 100% natural rubber, moulded by hand and safe from birth.  It will soothe sore gums.  

 Who are Lanco?

Created by Alfred Domingo, Lanco Toys is a family business from Barcelona dedicated to the design and manufacture of 100% natural rubber toys since 1952. All the toys are made of 100% pure natural rubber from the Hevea tree.   Every toy is free from all toxic components and completely safe to chew and mouth.

Quality is Lanco’s main driver and is present all along the production process resulting in a unique product free of PVC, BPA,Nitrosamines and Phthalates and being hand-painted with food grade dyes.

The designs lead the market and are an inspiration.  Each duck is made by hand, from the moulds to the decoration, therefore each product is unique and original fruit of an artisanal work.   Last but not least, the production system and raw materials are sustainable and environmentally friendly so our ducks are not only natural but also biodegradable.

The Happy Hevea Tree

Lanco toys are made from 100% Natural Rubber, which is constructed from the sap/milk of the common rubber trees - Hevea Brasiliensis. The Hevea tree is the natural source of the material used to create these delightful little characters. This rubber tree is harvested sustainably without the use of herbicides. The bark of the tree is ‘‘tapped’', this means cutting small slits into the bark. so that the white sap, known as latex, drips out and is caught in collecting cups.

Tapping of rubber trees is done by hand. The natural rubber is safe, non-toxic and readily biodegradable. The moulded latex is hand-painted with non-toxic, permament certified lead-free paints. It is completely FREE of PVC, BPA. Phthalate and Nitrosamine.  (whatever those are!)  

Where are Lanco toys made?

Lanco Toy production starts in Fez, Morocco and is finished in the headquarters in Barcelona where toys are assembled, decorated and quality tested. 

83% of the employees have been working with the company for more than 20 yearsand the owners visit the employees every trimester. Lanco actively encourages gender equality creating a responsible and sustainable working atmosphere. 

Is It Fun?

PomPom loves these Lanco toys, we adore the design, their uniqueness and artisanal quality, each is a work of art.  They are also fun, the rubber ducks are hilarious and original with their different designs. The teethers are colourful and easy to grip.  All are lightweight, which makes it easy for tiny hands to grasp and hold.  The toys’ squeaky sounds are gentle enough so that it won't hurt your baby's delicate ears.

Any downsides?

It's important to remember that these toys are made of latex rubber, which some kids can be allergic to and cannot be sterilized, which can be concerning to some parents.