Waste Less Christmas Recipe Ideas: Peardrop

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Waste Less Christmas Recipe Ideas: Peardrop

Christmas Party Catering Hacks and Recipes

"Plastic Times call for Plastic Measures." Peardrop Catering, too right!  We admire you, love what you do and agree with you!

Peardrop created the first single use plastic-free cafe ever to exist in London in 2017 with their first pop up and have since held plastic free supper clubs, alongside their hectic schedule catering for weddings, dinners, celebrities and brands such as Vivian Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Burberry, LK Bennett … the list goes on.

Rose Harvie, female chef extraordinaire, leads the team.  Below are Rose’s Christmas Party Catering Hacks and Recipes to help to reduce food waste.  Written in brief, it's a busy time of year! Great style, punchy and effective!


Food:  Anything you can do in advance, do it, unless you want to be assembling canapés instead of making merry!  

Use canapé bases that don’t get soggy - blinis, fruit bread, mini shortbreads. Avoid toasts and croustades if you’re making them in advance, nothing worse than those soggy bottoms.  

Slice, cut and roast root vegetables into triangles for your gluten free friends.  Cut celeriac into triangles and top with goats cheese, honey & thyme.  Don’t miss out on the obligatory cocktail sausages. 

Create a little pudding station - orange jellies or panna cotta in glasses, mince pies, macaroon and chocolates and sugared almonds in glass bowls will all sit out nicely.   If you have a local Middle Eastern shop, buy some baklava - it always goes down well if people are bored of mince pies.  Buy some silver twigs from which to hang chocolates and baubles.


Drinks: Pimp up prosecco.   

Gin and Tonics or even sparkling water with raw cranberries and a sprig of fresh rosemary or frozen berries.  **PomPom volunteered for taste testing, yes with gin and then more gin and then more gin, to make sure it was as good as we thought.

Add a dash of interesting bitters - my fave new discovery is Atlas Gold (also a perfect stocking filler for your Dad!)

My top tip too for a more crowd-pleasing negroni (not everyone loves the strength) is to replace the gin with Prosecco - a Negroni Sbagliato (or “Negroni gone wrong”).

Waste-Less Christmas Catering

- Make sprout crisps with the outer leaves you’d normally discard: mix with a splash of olive oil, a pinch of sugar and salt, perhaps a tsp of miso or pomegranate molasses if you have any.  Spread out onto a line tray (not touching at all) and cook on a 120c for at least 30 mins until crisp.  Don’t be tempted to turn up your oven or you’ll burn the sugar making them bitter. This works with cabbage and kale too.

(**PomPom tried this out already, sold.  We are not sure if it’s our sugar and salt deprived children but they knocked back the sprout leaves!)

- Deep fry carrot & parsnip peelings and use instead of croutons in soups and salads.  Or dry out on a low heat in the oven. Again, 120c for at least 30 mins until crisp.

- There are millions of Christmas leftover recipes out there but my favourite Boxing Day supper is Toad in the Hole with leftover sprouts, stuffing and pigs and blankets with gravy.  Though, let’s face it, when are there ever leftover pigs in blankets?!

- Or my fave ultimate leftover pudding … use up stale croissants, chocolate cake, chocolate coins and panettone in a bread and butter pudding.  It couldn't be simpler.  Infuse 100ml cream, 200ml whole milk with vanilla, nutmeg and cardamom. Beat 3 eggs with 2tbsp caster sugar and then add your infused cream mix, beat well and pour over your arranged pastries. Brush butter and sprinkle caster sugar on top if you’re feeling really decadent.  Bake at 180c for about 30-40 mins until soft underneath and crispy on top.