7 Fun Rainy Day Activities

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Here is our latest guest blog post from our friends at Muddy Puddles - we hope you are inspired and enjoy the ideas as much as we do: 

fun rainy day activities

Muddy Puddles are on a mission to connect growing explorers with nature by making clothes that protects them in all weathers and is kind to our planet. They are built on the proposition that there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong kit!

Here at Muddy Puddles, we believe that rain should never stop play. It’s all about embracing the wet and windy weather (with the right kit on obviously) and having as much fun as possible. We’ve put together some of our favourite outdoor games to play when it’s raining. So the next time the heavens open, pop on some trusty waterproofs and wellies and head outdoors for some fun in the rain!

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1) Make a rain gauge

This is a brilliant activity to do with your little explorers while helping them learn more about the weather. They will love checking to see how much it has rained and it’s a great way to re-use items you have in the home. There’s some great guides online to help you get started.

2) Plant some seeds

During a rain shower is a great time to plant some seeds - mother nature will help you out by doing all the watering. Gardening with children has a number of benefits from teaching them about the food they eat to helping them learn a new skill. Here’s a handy calendar to show you what is good for growing and harvesting at different times of the year.

3) Go on a nature hunt

Look for creatures that just love to come out when it rains like worms, frogs, ducks and snails – see how many different kinds you can spot.

4) Paint with mud

Let nature help your little ones create a magnificent mud masterpiece. You could use sticks to paint with and paint on stones or your garden path.

5) Set sail

Why not find a little stream or puddle and make your own paper boat and see if it sails. You could even have a competition to see which boat sails the fastest.

6) Mud pie masterclass

Why not see what your budding chefs can rustle up, from mud pies to mud cakes. We love to decorate ours with petals, little stones and leaves you can find in and around the garden.

7) Splashing in muddy puddles

It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t include the ultimate rainy day activity - splashing in muddy puddles of course! As well as jumping in them, why not try jumping over or around them and then see who can make the biggest splash!

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

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