Join us for a #PlasticfreeChristmas this year

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Join us for a #PlasticFreeChristmas this year

PomPom and Marine Conservation Society have joined forces in a new partnership to help #STOPthePlasticTide of single-use plastic waste for a #plasticfreechristmas.

MCS are the UK’s leading charity for the protection of our seas, shores and wildlife and work endlessly and daily towards a future of safe and healthy seas.  

Furthering our commitment to being plastic-free, PomPom is proud to support the Marine Conservation Society in protecting the UK’s seas, shores and wildlife. We have pledged 20% of the proceeds from selected products to support this important work.”  Katherine Rhodes, Director and Co-Founder, PomPom

Change, they say, starts at home and this year PomPom and MCS are encouraging you to have a #plasticfreechristmas.  Follow PomPom online for tips on how to avoid plastic, exciting experiences to give and share, and unusual plastic free gifts for kids. 

"We are delighted to be working with PomPom. It is refreshing to see a business operate entirely plastic free whilst providing their customers with high quality, beautiful products. Something we at MCS welcome and would love to see more of! They are a great example of how businesses can prioritise sustainability and the environment, without compromising on the quality and value of their products." Katharine Sharp, Corporate Partnerships Manager.

Devastatingly, ocean plastic is killing over 100,000 marine animals annually and it is up to us to stop that plastic tide. Without action, by 2050 there could be more plastic in the sea than fish. From kind contributions, such as those from PomPom, MCS are able to continue our work operating beach cleans across the UK coastline, gathering important data which has been instrumental in UK-wide initiatives to reduce the scourge of plastic on our coastline and in our ocean. 

PomPom is committing to be part of the solution, providing beautiful, plastic-free products and donating a portion of its proceeds towards MCS' work stopping the plastic tide. 

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