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The Benefits of Shopping Small For Your Children This Christmas

First Published on Ashleigh's Moments by Ashleigh Davis. 

PomPom was delighted to work with Ashleigh and her charming daughter Alexis.  Alexis reinterpreted the fabulous Studio Roof wall decorations (gifted) and turned the Beetle and Butterfly into her very own imaginative eco friendly toy. 

Read Ashleigh's insights into shopping small, supporting plastic free toys.  All Studio Roof products are made from recycled cardboard and vegetable inks. Hats off to Ashleigh as a new mum, juggling work and a new baby, kudos! 


Studio Roof Decorations - PomPom


Are you looking for ideas to help fill up those stockings? You’ll be surprised at how difficult it ends up being trying to buy for the children that have it all. If you’re looking for something a little different I have found some of the best products down the secret nooks and crannies of the internet. So, without further ado here is my baby Christmas gift guide.

This Christmas is very special to me because it’s my first year as a mummy! Although deep down I know Alexis does not have a clue what’s going on, I still want to do everything. I love Christmas so much and having a child just makes it all that little more special.

I am all for supporting new, up and coming, independent businesses. This is something I will always stand by. Some of the best quality products I’ve ever bought have come from independent stores rather than the well-known retailers we all know off. I think it’s time that we started investing more of our time and money into the people around us.


As I’m sure many of you already know I’ve approached this Christmas with a very eco-friendly mindset. I have wanted to start investing in companies that are not only ethical but are good quality as well. It takes time to find products that will last you a long time and that’s exactly why PomPom is the first discovery on my gift guide this year!

A company offering everyone the chance to easily access beautifully designed, plastic-free products. Whether you’re looking to purchase for your family, friends, or even your neighbour. The thing I liked most was the great selection of unique toys and gifts there was to choose from. There were products that in all honesty, I would never have considered before but PomPom has opened up my eyes to a whole new world. 

Wall Decorations:

Although my daughter is only 6 months old and wouldn’t be able to build this herself. I have decided to take a completely different approach to this product. Although it is designed as a wall decoration I have decided to use it as a sensory play. The cardboard material is sturdy enough for her to touch and play with without damaging it all together. However, due to the small pieces, it’s not something that could be left unsupervised.

Yellow Butterfly Wall Decoration:

This 3D object would make the perfect activity for a rainy day. As you can see from the picture below the instructions are written on the inside of the packaging itself. I thought this was a fantastic idea, making use of all the resources available and of course, it helps to save paper too!


                           Pompom - Plastic Free Toys


Studio Roof: Meet the Makers, Romy and Illya

"Imagination is always the motive behind our collection. We believe that imagination is not bound by age. Our products are creations for all ages, inviting to tell stories to each other, to inspire and to be inspired.

Together with our three children we started Studio ROOF in 2005. Our inspiration lies in the beauty of childhood, the imagination, nature, peoples of the world, art and craftsmanship, and our drive has above all been the urge to create, and to unfold a new imagery.

We are a family business: this picture below was taken in our studio with our children Stas, Nika and Sonia. Also in the picture are Romy’s father Dick who helps with the administration, Inès – a dear friend and stylist who always creates the most beautiful images of our products, Alice – freelance designer from France – and Anne – intern product design - More than 12 years down the line, we proudly see that our creations are sold worldwide in the most beautiful shops."

Studio Roof Decorations