Wantrepreneurs or entrepreneurs?

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PomPom - Plastic Free Toys - About Us

Katherine and Cecily met at university, trotting late to lectures and much too late home, sharing hopes, lectures and Ribena.  They had a collective love of travel, books, theatre, art, design, and now, children.

Children, it turns out, are the tip of the iceberg of all that comes with them – emotions, clothes, toys, nappies! Stuff, just so much stuff. The first 6 months of a newborn were a joyful whirlwind of survival but when the full nights’ sleep started and the restorative effects of the Zzzzzz’s kicked in, we realised for the first time quite how much plastic had amassed.

Aesthetically and environmentally we were drowning in plastic.

And yet what was the alternative? It takes time to think. It takes time to research.

The mind boggles with options and how to tell what works, what breaks, what leaks without trawling through a hundred “mumma” blogs. Then of course, half the options are ugly. The inconvenient truth rears its head again. 

So we made time. We shared tips. We realized that we could answer those questions; what if the plastic free choices were made easy without sacrificing aesthetics? What if those choices kept your life original, imaginative and unusual? You want it, your child wants it and the environment wants it. 

PomPom was born.

The usual fears rose expectantly to the surface.

The joy of launching a business with a friend is that you share much more than work but it also crosses a boundary that can never be revoked – perhaps gin will forever more come with a squeeze of lemon and the inevitable talk of shop. 

What about failing? Can we write truthfully about the fear of failure? Yet, what is the worse that can happen? We fail. We move on. A whole industry out there can support us if we fail – podcasts, therapy and retreats. I like the sound of the latter, perhaps failing wont be so bad. 

Unless it succeeds. And what does success look like? The opportunity for families to easily access beautifully designed, plastic free products for themselves, boys and girls and friends. A world in which sophistication is not lost and the environment is saved. 

We are a very usual story setting out on a more unusual path. Join us.