Is a Wooden Balance Board Good for Kids?

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Mother and daughter on wooden balance board in park - PomPom, wooden wobble board

Is a Wooden Balance Board Good for Kids? YES!

A wooden balance board has become a staple in many playrooms across the country.  It is a wonderfully simple design that encourages balance (of course!), exercise, co-ordination, determination and imagination. 

It is designed so brilliantly that it is also just as good for adults. A rocking board can be incorporated into fitness regimes, yoga workouts and indeed, play! 

So why doesn't every child have one?  Good question!  Many adults have never heard of a wooden balance board for kids, also known as a wobble board and a rocker board. 

In this article we will look at why a wooden balance board should be a key part of the playroom, as well as why a balance board is so good for kids! 

Is a wobble board good for adults?!

This article was originally written at the end of January – is it time to celebrate reaching the end of what is arguably the most challenging month of the year? 

Many of us begin the year bursting with good intentions and yet studies have shown that fewer than 25% of people stay committed to their resolutions after just 30 days, with only 8% actually accomplishing them.

One of the most popular resolutions is to take more exercise.  Gym memberships always rocket in January and yet what often follows this initial enthusiasm for working out is a regression to poor dietary habits and sedentary ways.  Many of us fail as we set ourselves unrealistic targets that we have no hope of meeting. 

Before we know it, we have slunk from the treadmill back to the television and our children are right behind us. One study, carried out for the Early Learning Centre, interviewed 750 people and found that four out of five children under six watch up to a whopping six hours of television a day.

So not only are we leading less healthy lifestyles, but we are spending less time with our children.  Perhaps for those of us who know that we will never be fitness buffs, the answer is simple.  We should park the guilt and give gym workouts a wide berth.  And instead, invest in something that allows the whole family to have fun and exercise from home. 

Balance boards are an excellent addition to anyone’s training programme. Simple and straightforward for all ages to master, the clever seesaw design of a wooden balance board allows you to train your balance while standing, kneeling or lying down.

What is the best wooden balance board for toddlers? 

When it comes to plastic free living and eco-friendly home products, ww think the the ergonomic and durable Capikooa Balance Board is a shining example.

Expertly crafted from sustainable beech wood and manufactured in eco-friendly handcraft enterprises, the balance board consists of seven layers of beech veneer and is 100% plastic free.  It comes in a range of colours, with or without a cork underside.  

Children and adults alike love these boards, which improve balance and fitness levels and allow exuberant members of the family to burn off energy and engage in creative play. 

Oh, and the wonderfully resilient structure can take up to 120 kg of weight, so if you’re still trying to shift those extra pounds after Christmas, you can use the board safe in the knowledge that it can take the strain…

It’s a win-win with the Balance Board – opt for one of these eco-friendly balance boards and do your bit for the environment, while upping those fitness levels and having fun with your children.  

Fiona Philip - Guest Blogger for PomPom