PlasticFree Christmas Gifts : Captain BobCat BioBuddi Review

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First Published on Captain Bobcat Blog by Eva Katona.  Plastic Free Christmas Gifts From PomPom – BioBUDDI Review (Gifted) My children love Lego and Duplo, but at the moment...

Lighten the Load: Natural laundry detergent

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Washing Powder that grows on trees! Which is the best laundry detergent?  Soapnuts!  They grow on trees. I know. I know what you’re thinking.  This is one step...

Eco-Friendly Shopping

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Dream Green on Black Friday!   Black Friday has become one of the biggest shopping days of the year. It is hard to resist the shopping frenzy that inspires...

Eco Friendly Bath Time Tips

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As first published on Zero Waste Club Blog.  Spoiler alert parents… you don’t have bathe your children every. single. night!  A little dirt builds the immune system.  Yet, for...

Join us for a #PlasticfreeChristmas this year

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Join us for a #PlasticFreeChristmas this year PomPom and Marine Conservation Society have joined forces in a new partnership to help #STOPthePlasticTide of single-use plastic waste for a #plasticfreechristmas. MCS...

10 best uses for a Pikkler triangle

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10 best uses for a Pikkler triangle “What on earth is that?” we hear you shout. Great looking, get us one, but what is it?! Nearly 100 years ago,...

Green is the new black: 5 easy ways to reduce plastic

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On a Sunday night there is nobody on earth we want to hear from, except David Attenborough.  His soothing voice is my equivalent of a Xanex.  It is...

The free outdoors: a great investment

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The best adventure playground on earth is outdoors. However, children in Britain spend just 16 minutes a day playing or exploring in parks and other open spaces.  Kids...

Household chores : Many (small) hands make light work !

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There was a wonderful podcast on NPR by science correspondent and mother,Michaeleen Doucleff, about household chores and the difference between Toddlersin the West and Indigenous Cultures.

Wantrepreneurs or entrepreneurs?

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Katherine and Cecily met at university, trotting late to lectures and much too late home, sharing hopes, lectures and Ribena.  They had a collective love of travel, books, theatre,...