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Tualoop is a novel, addictive outdoor game that'll help you stay fit and have fun together! Unlike anything we've ever played with before, the ring is a cross between a frisbee and a ball - and the crossed-sticks-release way of projecting it is a skill we want to practice!

There are countless ways to throw the Tualoop and make it bounce and roll, e.g.:

  1. Throw the ring by pulling your arms apart evenly
  2. Make the ring fly vertically in a high curve. Aim it at the ground to make it bounce and roll
  3. Press the ring against the stick with your thumb while pointing down with it. Give it a good swing, release, and see it float it the air
  4. Hold the ring horizontally using two sticks, with your dominant arm in front. Bring the ring close to your body and then swing out with the dominant arm, releasing it like a frisbee
  5. Lay the ring flat on the ground. Place the point of the stick inside the ring and swing it forward, making the ring fly along the ground like a puck.

There are many games you can play with Tualoop, for example:

  • Score points when your opponent fails to catch the ring, when the ring comes to a halt on the ground, or when it lands outside the field after touching the ground
  • Land the ring on your opponent's sticks
  • Make your own golf course using eight sticks
  • Play in a group of three or more

...Make up your own rules and techniques! Have fun!

What it contains: Ring (27cm diameter, made of Arboblend® which is made from sugar and wood); 2 pairs of sticks (50cm, untreated beech wood); 8 wooden markers (25cm, untreated beech wood); 6-page instruction booklet; fair-trade cotton carry bag

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