Leather Kids Football


Leather Kids Football

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A leather kids football for small hands.  Silk-screen printed on locally sourced leather, hand stitched.  

Fun, colourful and unique.  These fabulous footballs have been hand stitched in Kenya by highly skilled staff who receive a fair and living wage. 

Designed by our friends at Alive and Kicking, 100% of the wholesale profits go directly to disadvantaged communities in Sub-Sahara Africa to support ethical jobs and health education. 

Alive and Kicking are the ONLY not-for-profit manufacturers of footballs in the world.

The perfect plastic-free toy and the best kids football! 

Arrives deflated to protect it in shipping, we provide the inflation needle which can be used with a standard bicycle pump. 

Ages: 3 - 5

Materials: Silk-screen leather 

Size: Size 1.  This is smaller than a regular size football (size 5) and more manageable for younger kids.  Can also be used as a skill ball.

Circumference: 420 mm x Diameter: 130 mm.

Weight: 205 g  

Customer Reviews

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Tash Wells
Great unique product with a great story

Our son absolutely loves his new football, as do we, and happily it seems pretty tough so far (even after rescued it from dog’s jaws too..) Perfect size for him (3 years old) and love the designs

Annabel Dallas
Great little football

My grandsons love these balls as perfect size for their two year old hands and feet. They love the leopard and zebra faces too!

Oh you chose two fabulous designs and so sensible to get two, saves any toddler discussions about sharing! We are delighted your grandsons love their new footballs!

Jane Carr

Love this beautiful well-designed ball which was much appreciated by my grandchildren... & good to support an ethical enterprise in Africa.

Jane, thank you for your kind support of Alive & Kicking and we are delighted your grandchildren love the football!

Going for goals

All my grand children love their new footballs and manage them well as they are a good size for two year old hands and feet!
As a bonus they can now recognise a Leopard, Zebra and Cheetah in photos!!

We so agree, the kids' footballs are such a good size for little hands. Sounds like you have set up your grandchildren for a wild life with dreams of safaris and animal conservation!

Catherine Palmer
great present

My grandson loves this ball - especially as it is so individual and clearly HIS! It will be one of the chosen items that he is bringing on our family holiday so has clearly become a favourite.

Oh that is such lovely news the football is already much loved! We hope you have a glorious summer holiday.