About us

Shop imaginative and unusual plastic-free toys, games and gifts that children will love, play with or use, again and again. Home of the Climbing Triangle. 

Who set up PomPom? 

Cecily Henderson and Katherine Rhodes, old friends, who want a world free from Plastic.

Plastic has a devastating effect on the environment, yet it has permeated every
 part of our lives. 

To find good looking and long-lasting plastic free options takes effort, energy and time. It requires planning, preparation and thought. The world is too busy and yet we want to do the Right Thing.

Enter PomPom.

We have done the research to make the plastic free choice convenient without compromising on design, quality or fun.

From product to packaging, we are plastic free and require our suppliers to do the same.

Design is Everything

We hand pick items created by brands that love design and creativity like we do. Our desire to be free from plastic works hand in hand with our aesthetic.

Trust in PomPom is built on the quality and usability of the products we choose. The brands we work with are a reflection of that.  

Who we are

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