Climbing Triangle Voted Best Toy 2020

Indoor Pikler Climbing Triangle UK Kids Present

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Your kids will happily entertain themselves for hours!

The PomPom Climbing Triangle is the world's first climbing triangle with 3 easily adjustable heights!  Made in the UK.

The reversible slide and ramp can be personalised with your child's name.

The climbing frame transforms your sitting room into a playroom and instantly folds away at night.  

Tired of discarded toys? At last, a toy that outlives your pram!

+ For ages 6 months - 5 years - never gets old  

+ 3 heights, 1 triangle - easily adjust for your growing child

+ Personalise the reversible slide / ramp - kids love this!

+ Arrives fully assembled - skip the DIY!

+ Instantly Foldable - ideal for small spaces

+ Paedatrician inspired design - keeps climbing safe 

+ Eco-friendly wooden toy - plastic-free, no BPA nasties

+ Fast shipping, made in the UK - support our British Businesses! 

The Endangered Art of Climbing, why your kids NEED to climb.

As your sofa will attest, kids love to climb.  Great fact, they actually need it!

Climbing supports mental health and physical development. 

It increases strength, endurance and flexibility while encouraging patience, stamina and self-confidence

Dr. Joe Frost was the Godfather of Play. He researched play for over 50 years and wrote extensively about climbing and its importance for kids. 

"Children climb for fun," says Dr. Frost. They climb to explore, to compete, to tap into their imagination and play make-believe, to chase their friends, and so much more. "

Now create the opportunity for your child to safely climb at home.   The triangle design is inspired by paedatrician, Dr. Emmi Pikler, to enable kids to move safely at their own speed. 

Sofa vs Triangle.  Will you choose to save your sofa?!  

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Our "Call us Crazy" Guarantee!

Get the UK's Best Reviewed Climbing Triangle delivered FREE to your door.  We promise your kids will love it. If not, we will pick it up free of charge with a full refund*, no questions asked. 

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