Giant Bubbles Kit

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Giant Bubbles Kit

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Giant Bubbles Kit. 

This really is the kit you need for hours and hours of giant fun!

Create huge bubbles in the garden, on a balcony, in a park or on a beach! All you need is to add washing-up liquid for the ultimate kids bubbles! 

Eco Friendly Outdoor Toys

Forget those colourful plastic bottles, these eco-friendly outdoor toys last longer, are loved by the planet and the family.  

Each set contains a wooden wand which is unbreakable and can be used again and again to create these giant bubbles with string. 

No child likes to share, so get imaginative and look around the house to other objects that can make bubbles, for example a coat hanger or the inside of a loo roll!  

You can also use your hands, just wash your hands in warm water afterwards to get the soap off, so it doesn't dry out the skin.  

A True Story of Giant Bubbles

Our friends at BubbleLab make a huge promise, one litre of bubbles creates one hour of fun for all the family.  

Cecily, the owner of PomPom, scorned this promise, there are few toys that keep children and adults happy for an hour. So she took these giant bubbles on their family holiday.  For 1 hour and 9 minutes her family (Laurie age 4, Claude age 2 and husband Alex, age 39) were diving, lunging, popping, bouncing, jumping for bubbles for 1 hour and 9 minutes.  Then they did it again the next day and the next! 

Each Giant Bubble Wand set contains: 

  • 1 sets of wands and ropes (so 1 person can bubble at once);
  • 2 sachets of magical giant bubble powder to make 5 litres of giant-bubble mix (just add washing-up liquid);
  • Instructions.

You need to add: 400ml Fairy washing-up liquid (other brands don't work as well or at all; must not be lemon-scented), water, a clean container like bucket or bowl.

Giant Bubble Recipe UK

We think BubbleLab make the best giant bubble mixture. However, should you run out at need to make bubbles at home, this recipe from Samsam Bubbleman is one of the best we have found. 

Samsam was the defending champion for the Guiness Book of Records, he held it for 12 years for the largest bubbles in the world!  

How to make Giant Bubbles At Home

  1. Water: in most cases tap water is fine. Filtered water is better. Rain water is better again. 
  1. Dish-soap: some brands work better than others: Here in theUK, green Fairy Original works well. Palmolive works well too. If none of these are available in your country, look for a high quality (normally higher priced) brand of dish soap, without any extra scents or special ingredients. 

Please, as always, go to refill centres, minimise your plastic use people.

Recipe #1

  • 50ml dish-soap
  • 450ml warm water
  • 150ml glycerine (optional but will help the bubbles to last a lot longer. Available online or at your local pharmacy)

You will also need a measuring jug and a spatular.

Mix all the ingredients together slowly and carefully so the thicker glycerine and dish soap is fully mixed, but try to avoid it getting too foamy. Foam is the enemy of bubbles and will make your solution weaker. If you do get lots of foam, simply scoop it out and put it in the sink.

Recipe #2

  • 450ml warm water
  • 25ml dish soap
  • 2 tsp white or brown sugar

Mix the water with the sugar and stir it in till it's dissolved, then add the dish-soap

For mixing, follow the ideas suggested above in Recipe #1.

Glycerine will also help this recipe to make longer lasting bubbles.

Suitable from 3 years old, with close adult supervision 

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