Reusable Straws, Glass


Reusable Straws, Glass

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Reusable straws made from sturdy, handblown glass.  

These beautiful reusable straws are sturdy yet fabulous.  We are confident that you will not find more stylish, more fun or more eco-friendly straws out there! 

Each glass straw is individually created by artist, Aimee Promislow.  Each is slightly bent to help kids drink more easily from their cup. 

Strong and durable, our artist Aimee, is so confident in her plastic-free straws that she offers a lifetime guarantee. 

They can even go in the dishwasher!  Each comes with its own straw brush cleaner. 

We are aware that "glass" and "kids" raises questions, so asked Aimee everything we could think of!

1) Can a child bite through a glass straw?

We’ve all chewed straws. Those plastic straws that are so chewy it’s almost like gum with no flavour. Without even noticing what we’re doing, we’re chomping down on something soft.

 So it’s natural to wonder if we might forget that we’re sipping a glass straw and accidentally chomp on that and break it.

But if you’ve ever tried a glass straw, you would know that it could NEVER happen.

Our straws are made from laboratory quality borosilicate glass, the strongest glass possible, much stronger than your typical glass ware. It would be like biting down on a metal fork. No give and no fun.

Don’t try though, or you might find that you’ve broken a tooth, not our straw!

2) What age is suitable for a glass straw?

For children, if your child uses china cups or eggcups and understands that china can also break if dropped, then they are old enough to use a  glass straw.  Please use your own judgement.  If they are likely to start a sword fight, then stay clear!   We generally find kids around the age of 4 or 5 have full understanding of glass.

3) Will my straw break if I put it in the dishwasher (or microwave)?

Your straws will easily withstand dishwasher and microwave use. We recommend sanitizing your straws in the dishwasher.

4) Why do you use “borosilicate” glass?

We use borosilicate glass from the Czech Republic because it is the strongest commercially available glass on the market, it is the same type of glass that your vintage glass coffee pot or your Pyrex® pie plate is made from.

5) Can my straw break with normal use?

Under normal use it will not break. However, It will break if dropped on a tile floor or other hard surface.  Treat your straws like you would any other glass and they will last for years.

6) Will my straw chip or crack?

If it is dropped there is a possibility of chipping or breaking. If you ever notice any chipping, cracking or breakage, DO NOT USE THE STRAW!! Go to our Lifetime Warranty page and see instructions to request a replacement straw. We will gladly replace it free.

7)How do I replace my straw if it breaks?

Just email and we will help organise a replacement.  Aimee guarantees one straw replacement per person. 

+ Dishwasher safe (yes, that's right!) 

+ Each comes with a straw brush cleaner

+ Made with 100% borosiciliate, the toughest glass on the market 

+ Plastic-free and eco friendly 

+ BPA free. No nasty chemicals. 

We recommend these straws for kids aged 4+

Size: 7" Smoothie size, bent. 

Materials: Glass.  The brush is made from metal and natural goat hair. 

These straws are not toys. 

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Returns: We know how important it is that kids love what you buy, so we have a 30 day-no-questions-asked, refund policy on our products.

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