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"What an absolutely brilliant present - such a hit with Rory who has been putting non-stop and (finally) our astroturf has come into its own!" Will. 


"Good old fashioned fun, enjoyed by all our family from ages 4 - 42! I am thrilled with our tower, which will be loved and used for many years to come. Highly recommend!"  Fiona. 


"My children love trying to balance the sweet animals and eskimo on top of the wobbly iceberg. It's charming and really addictive!"  Clemmie. 


“Our grandchildren adore their lion slippers, they are so sweet and unique.  They have fun wearing them and will keep them cosy all winter!”  Ginny


"A beautiful wooden toy that is a relief in our sea of plastic. It's currently getting more use than the lego!" Oli.